Thursday, December 3, 2009

// december // end of year approaching

Here we are in December already, and it's been just over a year since I started at the Kulturfabrik, while I've learnt a lot over this past year there is still a lot to be learnt with the various shows I've done.

I've had an interesting week with a fairly low turnout for 2 shows which I thought would do better than they did,

it's getting to the point where I'm thinking I should take my expectations for shows, and subtract 100 from it and that will be the actual turn out, even for the smaller shows we do

it's a shame to see some of the best bands play in front of less people for whatever reason, the sheer increase in the offer of concerts in the past 2 years has definitely made a difference, those with disposable income also have a lot more choice with what to do with it, while at the same time being very conscious of where that money goes, am i just competing with the latest iphone and xmas sales? or other concerts with high ticket prices? should we maintain our stance on social ticket/drink prices? or adjust accordingly ?

a variety of questions that aren't necessarily easy to answer, i still go and see concerts first and foremost as a music fan, regardless of how much is at stake, but it makes you think about what kind of shows you're putting on despite the clear and evident quality when turnout is well below expectations, and maybe this is what hits you on the drive home

I'm still nice and surprised however and really grateful to those who make such an effort for these 'smaller' shows, whether they're in bars/cafes or smaller venues, the whole reason and motivation to keep doing these kinds of shows are the people however few or many that turn up, i saw one of the best shows ever with only around 50 other people in the room, this was the case last year,

can't necessarily do these sorts of things as often, but as long as there is an interest i think quality will find it's audience as long as they're prepared to listen

and if you've read this far then i thank you =0

To finish off this year we have 4 different shows in different styles hopefully see some of you out there, feel free to come and talk to me//send suggestions

I'm definitely more active on facebook, but i'd say most people are

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